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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ham and Pepper Wrap

These wraps are a family favourite for Saturday lunch. We had them today and I thought I must share them with you all!

You need:
Tortilla wraps
Slices of ham
Jar of chopped, roasted peppers
Grated cheese (we use Cheddar)
Silver foil

  • Place a slice of ham, a few peppers and some grated cheese on a wrap.
  • Roll it up.
  • Wrap in silver foil (we use the really cheap foil for this. You know, the stuff that's normally too short to be any use. It's just the right size for these).
  • Place on a baking tray and cook for 15 minutes on 180 degrees C / 356 degrees F (160 C / 320 F for a fan oven)
  • Take out, unwrap carefully (they get very hot!), eat and enjoy!
Absolutely delicious!


  1. They look and sound yummy. I will give them a go this week.


  2. Hi Vic!

    I was looking at my blog and suddenly saw you had a different name.
    The blog looks really nice, I like the different links at the top. I started changing my blog page too, think I could still organise it better.

    I like the tutorials too, when I get a chance I might try the fimo image transfer- I recently tried an image transfer to candles, it didn't quite work, I think it will but I need to use a heat gun (one you use for stamps) but I used a hair dryer. I'll try again sometime!

    I'm going to do a 'British Sellers on Etsy' Team treasury for ppl with low sales, I did one for crafty folk before. I'll look out for you on there (I assume you are?) and when I do the treasury I put it on my blog and facebook, twitter and if I get a chance pininterst. Hard work all this networking!

  3. Hi Sarah, glad you like:) I need to do a post about the name change! So much about crafting is trial and error isn't it? All part of the fun though! My next new project will be coming soon... Yep, am part of British Sellers and Crafty Folk. I've done a couple of treasuries but need to do more. They're lots of fun to do aren't they? Yeah, the networking takes me more time than the crafting but hey, has to be done! Have fun:) xx


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