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Friday, August 13, 2010

Buried Treasure!

It was Mr W's birthday the other day and we celebrated by spending the day at the seaside.

We were somewhat lucky with the weather; left in a heavy downpour and came home to one, but we had sun at the beach! It was a typically British trip to the seaside mind you. In other words, we took rain jackets, suncream, swimming trunks, blankets... you get the idea.

I decided to make a treasure map for Little W, which I buried in the sand:

He was so excited to find it! He had to face the sea, take 5 steps forward, turn right, take 3 steps... The treasure was buried under a small pile of rocks. Luckily, I only buried coppers and not pound coins as one was never found - maybe it will be some other kid's treasure one day.

It was Baby W's second trip to the seaside and I think she was pretty much oblivious to it all. Little W enjoyed taking my mum for a half hour walk up and down the water's edge! The rest of us played with a huge balloon ball thingy, which kept going in the water, of course. Finally, we all had a lovely picnic. Little W sat down and opened his new Buzz Lightyear lunchbox as soon as we got there!

On another note, I'm just finishing off my redesigned website. It should've been finished earlier today, but there's one bit I can't get right and it's really frustrating me!

Also, hello and thanks to my new followers. I will try to follow you back but find it really hard to get to others' blogs sometimes! If you can leave a link below, I'll happily follow you!