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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Passed my Driving Test! And some Memorable People...

Yep, I still can't believe it, at the age of 30-something (closer to 40 than 30!) I finally got around to learning to drive. Well, I say 'finally got around to' but it was never something I had any inclination to do. I really never in a million years thought I would ever learn; the whole thing looked so difficult and scary. There are other reasons I never wanted to learn to drive, but I won't go into them now.

Anyway, life is already so much easier now I have wheels! Since September I've been doing a 4-hour round trip on 6 buses to collect Little W from her Nursery speech unit. That journey is now an hour!

Although I mostly don't miss the buses, there are some characters I've met that are quite memorable! I thought I'd remember them here... There was the man who was deaf and noticed Little W using sign language. He asked if she was deaf, I signed no and wished I could remember all the sign language I'd learnt on my BSL course! He told me his dog recognised signs as well. Then there was the well-spoken man who came from London (like me) and lived in California for many years. The woman who grabbed my arm at the bus station and wanted me to walk her and her trolley to the next stop. Oh and the man who handed me a load of receipts and asked me to add them up! The man in a wheelchair who told me my smile brightened his day:) The groups of elderly people who complained about the schools being on strike and stating 'teachers get enough holidays'. Seeing as they weren't talking directly to me, I did everything I could to hold my tongue!! As if we strike for a day's holiday! And then there was the girl who was fast asleep, woke up and asked where we were. Had a chat about her having moved house and how she was on her way to the job centre. There are many more people who have made my long journeys slightly less dull, but I'll stop there for now:)