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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want to host a Toy Voyager?

I came across the Toy Voyager site a few months ago. It's a similar kind of thing as Bookcrossing, which I joined about 10 years ago but have never actually managed to release a book!

I thought sending a Toy Voyager (TV) off on his world travels would be educational for the kids as they can follow his travels on the map and see different places around the globe. Hopefully they'll feel they're kind of experiencing a little bit of culture themselves as MiniMarshmallow (our TV) was part of the family for a short while...

Here he is at my dad's birthday lunch in the summer:

 And at a very windy Land's End:

Camping in the rain! Just finished dinner and about to eat this delicious marshmallow, chocolate and banana wrap (recipe below) and we had to run and hide in the car:

Then, once back home, another TV joined us. This is MiniMarshmallow and Krumelknirps at one of the gold postboxes:

MiniMarshmallow then went off to Germany to start his world travels. And another two TVs, Mishuta and Kathy, joined us. Here we are at Alexandra Palace:

We just have Kathy with us right now. She's actually looking for a new UK host, so if you would like her ro become part of your family for a few weeks, then let me know! Here she is eating popcorn at the circus:

And if you're outside of the UK and would like to host MiniMarshmallow, then please let me know also:)

It's lots of fun hosting a TV. You basically take pictures whenever you go somewhere or even just doing stuff around the house. They usually stay with you for a few weeks and then their owner will give you a new address to send them on to.

In case you were interested in that camping recipe, it's very simple. You just need:
Small wraps
Mini marshmallows

Spread the Nutella over the wrap, add chopped banana and marhsmallows, roll up, wrap in silver foil and grill for a few minutes, until it's all melted and gooey! Yummmm!