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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Children's picture book underway!

So, life happens and blog posts don't... Nearly a year since my last post and a few years I guess since I said I'd write about the process of getting my children's book published.

I've come up with countless ideas for books. I write the drafts, I draw the pictures for some of those drafts, I paint a few pages, make dummy books, send them to publishers... But now I've decided to self-publish. While it would be wonderful to see my book in a bricks and mortar shop, at the end of the day, if people buy and enjoy my book then that's what matters. How they purchase it really isn't that important.

The story I've decided to go with is a more recent idea. I've learnt an awful lot in my research, one being how difficult it is to come up with a good idea that will hold children's attention, be enjoyable for adults to read multiple times and to actually make sense in very few words. Anyway, I hope this idea will appeal. It's a fun rhyming story (yes, I know, they say don't rhyme! It just kind of came to me though without thinking about it; I never intended it to rhyme!). It teaches that we're all essentially the same although we may look different, while also celebrating cultural differences.

A couple of pictures of the storyboard and practice drawings:

I'm not sure how much painting I'm going to get done over the next couple of months, as my next psychology module starts on Monday, but hopefully I'll be able to fit a bit of painting in.

The next update definitely won't be so long coming, I know that much!