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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Turning Photos into Outlines

I've been experimenting lately with Photoshop and seeing what I can do with my photos. As it's coming up to Mothers' Day I thought I'd have a go at some simple flower outlines. Here's one of them:

I've put four different flower images on one sheet, which look good. I'll list them on Folksy shortly. Probably a little too late for Mothers' Day, but never mind!

Also just tried outlining some animals.

I thought about turning these into colouring pages for children, but I don't think they're simple enough. I might have a go with my glass painted photos and see what they turn out like.



  1. I love the flower picture! I keep meaning to get more into photoshop but as always there are issues with having enough time!

  2. Thanks! This was a technique I used on my wedding invites - an outline of the church. I know what you mean about finding time though!

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