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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travel Tuesday - Durness, Scotland

OK, first Travel Tuesday post in a while and a little closer to home this time. Back in the summer of '96 Mr W and I took our second holiday together. We went camping in the Scottish Highlands. Scotland has always been a favourite place of mine. The rugged scenery, the beautiful beaches, the sense of complete remoteness...

We drove up to Durness one day. Durness is right at the 'top' of the country; the most northwesterly village in mainland Britain. It can only be accessed by a single track road and the area is apparently the most sparsley populated in Western Europe.

This here is Smoo Cave:

Mr W and I do love a cave! We visit every one we come across on our travels. This is the entrance:

What I remember most from this day is the rain. I remember sitting in the car and just watching it fall down in sheets. Truly mesmerising! We were generally very lucky with the weather though and spent some lovely days on the beaches, hiking and cooking outside. Ah, they were the days!


  1. Ooh I love Scotland too, ESP the highlands. We stayed at Achiltibue a few years ago and it was just divine! May go again this year, or over to see friends on Lewis! Happy travels!

  2. There's something magical about the Highlands isn't there?! Even when it rains... Ooh, you should go again! Lewis would be lovely:)


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