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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Name and New Venture (yep, another one!)

As you may have noticed (or possibly not!), I have a new blog name - Blossom and Snowflakes. You can read a bit more on the 'About' tab just above here. My shops are still Careford Creations, but I really felt my blog needed a different name as it's about more than just my crafting. Have kept Frederick Frog though. Would feel lost without him!

As for my new projects, well, the photos on polymer clay is coming on nicely. See my recent tutorial for some pics. And my second new project is coming along. It's all to do with combining my love for different things. Somehow, I always have the need to put everything together... It's a bit of paper love, books, recording memories, photos, mixed media, altered art, polymer clay and recycling (I hate waste!). Am very excited about it and have been researching and experimenting for what feels like forever. Anyway, hope to post an update very soon.

Sorry no pics this time. Just wanted to really post about the new name. Better go and help Mr W get the little W's in bed...


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