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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Tour of my Little English Kitchen

Right, it's not often you get two posts in one day! I'm making the most of the kids being in the garden with Mr W! I've even scheduled a post for tomorrow...

I just found this blog via Blog Train, where Kelly invites you to link up pics of your home. I love looking around other people's houses (interested not nosey!!), so thought I'd share mine. This week it's kitchens.

I'm very proud of our little kitchen. As with the rest of the house, Mr W has done everything himself (with a bit of help from me!). This is the island counter, which I could absolutely not be without, taken from the hallway door. I love our double sink as well. I don't know how I'd manage with one sink now! The window looks out into the conservatory now, which is where we eat. You can also just see the bunting from our Jubilee celebrations still hanging up...

This is our new kettle and toaster. Love the creamy colour:

 Here you can see the washing machine and oven. This is exciting stuff I know! You can also see to the right, some steak knives that were a wedding gift from an old Canadian friend of mine.

This is a carrier bag holder with an Aboriginal design that we got in Australia:

This is the corner with the Microwave and there's a blender tucked away there too. This corner gets piled with junk! The door you can see leads to the living room.

This is my magnetic memo board. You can just see two of my London postcards as well:

Here you can see the fridge with a behaviour chart on it as well as various magnets (some made by me) and there's a couple of lovely poems about how precious children are. I read them now and again when I'm waiting for something to finish cooking. They always make me smile. You can also see the ironing board tucked away in there, next to the cupboard. The door to the right leads to the hallway.

This sign hangs above the entrance to the conservatory. I like the vintage style and also the fact that it has my name and I erm... don't drink tea!

Last up is the freezer with lots of little photos of friends and family. And there's also a calendar Little W made at Nursery as well as a magnet he bought in the Lake District last year:

Hope you enjoyed your little tour. Go and take a look at Kelly's blog for some amazing kitchens. Be warned though - most are American and they are HUGE!


  1. I also love your kettle and toaster! I haven't seen any that cute here in Texas!

    And I love your colorful backsplash and "tea" sign!

    Stopping in from Kelly's Korner!

  2. Hi Cristi, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Am off to visit you now:)

  3. Lovely kitchen. We chose those tiles for the kitchen in our previous home - absolutely loved them and will probably go for them again this time around. Like all the photos on the fridge - great for guests to stand around and just look over them with a glass of wine in hand (or cup of tea of course!).

    1. Thanks Elaine:) Yeah, I like the colour of the tiles. People do enjoy looking at the photos. Have got another in progress on the other side!

  4. I love the tea sign! And I love tea as well, especially the milky tea I've had when I've visited England. Yum!


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