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Monday, April 22, 2013

My new small art shop

I finally opened my new Etsy shop a few weeks ago. After a number of years of selling online, both Folksy and Etsy mainly, I never really felt I had a focus. I started with photography then added polymer clay bits and bobs and some handbound books and French memo boards... and well, anything I felt like really!

I'm still offering a variety of media, but it's all small art (including ACEOs and inchies). So much easier to market and explain to people what I do!

At the moment, my shop is mostly photo transfers on watercolour paper, but I'll be adding more on wood soon, as well as encaustic art, more polymer clay and illustrations. I've spent so long experimenting with transfers and think I've finally cracked it:)

Trying to get going with the children's book publishing again, but there's so much going on with my non-business life, it's pretty hard to fit it all in!

Anyway, please take a look at my new shop:) Love to hear what you think, as always.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1st Trip in the Campervan!

OK, so in my mind, before we went away to Norfolk, I was thinking of a blog post detailing the lovely, relaxing time we had in our newly refurbished campervan with lots of accompanying photos of delicious campervan-cooked meals on our new posh camping plates, the kids running around outside in the sunshine and generally happy aren't we having lots of fun photos.

Mr W even forgot the VW badge!

Isn't the reality often quite different? I don't think I have ever been so cold in my entire life. Not even when we went to Greenland or a German Christmas market. Maybe they didn't seem as bad as I expected it to  be cold...

The photos had to be taken very quickly as I didn't want to remove my gloves, even in the van! Getting a shot of the van from the outside was also a challenge if I wanted to remain with my family, rather than being blown away over the cliff edge. Hmm, you get the idea!

It was challenging to say the least, but we learnt a lot about how to prepare for next time. Yep, there will be a next time, but I promised the little Ws that it will be a whole lot warmer...