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Friday, February 10, 2012

Voucher / Coupon Organiser Tutorial

Do you ever forget you've got supermarket money-off vouchers? Or just simply, lose them?! I keep mine on the freezer, held with a variety of magnets, as you can see here:

The other day I saw a simple idea (where, I can't remember, sorry!) which is basically a little holder to store them all in. I'm not sure if the one I came across was a handmade box or something else, but I thought I'd have a go at making one and show you how to as well.


Thin card

PVA glue
Double-sided tape

Decorative paper
Letter stamps and ink pad
Other embellishments
Mod Podge
Scrap paper

I forgot to include Mod Podge in this pic. Mod Podge is glue for UK readers, who may not know.

Step 1
Draw a template on the back of your decorative paper. The size will really depend on the size of your vouchers of course, but for Tesco receipts, then these sizes are good: 23cm across, 13cm shorter side with a 'sticky out bit' (not sure what to call it!) of 2cm. The red lines show where there are extra tabs to help with sticking together. No need to worry about the measurements in brackets at this stage; they're just where you will score and fold later.

Step 2
Cut out the template and place on top of the thin card. Draw around this as well and then stick the paper on top with glue. Or you could just use decorative card in the first place, or use plain card.

Step 3
Turn over and sketch a kind of semi circle opposite the sticky out bit. You can do this directly on the card or cut out a template first.

I did mine about 4cm long and about 2.5cm from either end of the 9cm section.

Step 4
You may need to tape down stray edges depending on the type of paper you've used. Mine was a bit flyaway so I taped down some edges on the inside.

Step 5
Use a ruler and scissors to score lines where the folds will be (see the pics in steps 1 or 3). Basically, from left to right, you'll score at 5cm, 2cm, 9cm, 2cm and you'll be left with 5cm. And then across the sticky out bit and the three tabs.

Step 6
Time to decorate the front! All I wanted to add was the word 'vouchers' which I did using rubber letter stamps (99p from The Range) and Staz-on black ink.

Step 7
Now you can fold your box into shape using the score lines to guide you. I used double-sided tape to stick down the tabs. There's no tab for joining the back together as these measurements allow for overlap.

Step 8
I then decided to cover the front and sides of the box with Mod Podge. I use Mod Podge for decoupage. It gives protection to whatever you've stuck on.

Step 9
Your box is finished! Stick to the fridge or freezer with a magnet:

Step 10
Put your vouchers inside! Don't they look so much tidier?!


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