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Friday, January 29, 2010

To Do Lists

I love making to do lists and I love notebooks, so I thought I'd write my latest list in one of my newest notebooks. I made these recently, which feature three of my lakes photos:

I was really pleased they sold quite quickly. I've made myself a set and thought I'd use this one for my things to do. This book has a photo of Lake Patricia in Canada, one of my favourite places.

And here's my little list...

On the first page are things to list on Folksy and on my website, then the other pages are for all sorts of things from marketing, blog posts, admin stuff and then general life things.

Now I've just got to find time to do everything! I do find that I'm one who thinks about doing things and writes it all down, but has trouble getting round to doing anything. Which is silly really as it's very satisfying to cross something off your to do list!

My children's notebooks are one thing I want to get made. Here's the materials:

I really should go and put it all together now...

Monday, January 18, 2010


OK, not necessarily the most interesting of posts, but I need your help! Mr W and I both have a lot of socks. Here are some of them...

Generally, we're pretty boring when it comes to sock colour and we just wear black with the odd grey thrown in, although I now have some patterned ones. However, with Mr W's, we just can't seem to find matching pairs once they've been washed. You'd think all black socks would match with other black socks, but no, they don't.
If anyone has a solution, please share it! All I can think of is to buy Mr W patterned socks too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Blanket Giveaway on Sew Scrumptious' Blog

I've entered a wonderful giveaway on Sew Scrumptious' blog. She's giving away a lovely snug fleece baby blanket to the first name pulled out of the hat...

Would be perfect for Baby White II, or even Baby White I in this cold weather.

Which reminds me of an e-mail I received yesterday with some rather chilly snow pics. I''m not sure how to upload them here, but if you'd like to see some proper snow, then just drop me an e-mail. These pics are pretty amazing!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Japan on Folksy!

To celebrate the first of my new range of Japanese stab-stitched books, I thought I would showcase some wonderful Japanese-inspired items from the talented world of Folksy.

I've been fascinated by Japanese culture since I was 14. I remember borrowing a book and a tape (yes, it was a while ago...) from the library and attempting to learn the language. I'm not usually one to give up on things, but Japanese isn't the easiest language to learn. I thought I'd be better off concentrating on my German and French at school. Then when I was at university I was really pleased to be able to study a unit called the 'Japanese Business Environment'. It was so interesting to see how Japan's history and culture influence today's business world.
Anyway, I'm really happy to now combine my love of Japanese culture, books and photography into notebooks like these:
So here we go. First up, cook in style with this Geisha print apron from Sugarsnap:

Wonderful origami crane earrings made by Satoko's Origami:

A gorgeous way to wrap a present using this red and green floral furoshiki by Myfuroshiki:

Pandas are my favourite animal, so I just had to include this cute mirror by lilidrawspictures:

I love visiting Japanese gardens. This gorgeous mosaic piece represents an abstract garden, made by La Parisienne:

MochiPan's handmade and handpainted Ginger Bun Doll would make a great gift for doll lovers:

And last but certainly not least is this gorgeous 'Friendship' pendant from Wyrley Bird Studios:

Click on any of the images to go straight to the seller's Folksy shop. Hope you enjoyed looking!

PS Does anyone else have trouble with paragraph spacing on their blog??

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frozen Lake

Happy New Year! Sorry, bit late with the greetings. Just a quick pic of Little W and me at the weekend. The lake was completely frozen and Little W was fascinated when the stones he threw in bounced and skidded!