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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Greenland

Not the most popular destination, but Travel Tuesday is after all, about places that are a little unusual...

I blogged about a place called Vik in Iceland last time. While we were staying in Reykjavik we made the most of being quite a way north and decided to take a trip to Greenland. It was just a day trip but was enough to get a tiny taste of another fascinating country.

We arrived in Kulusuk after a two-hour flight. Then we walked to a little village called Kap Dan, which is home to the Ammassalik Inuit. I think there are around 350 people living there at the moment. I loved the brightly coloured houses. I guess you need some colour in a landscape that is so cold and bleak for much of the year.

Here we watched a drum dance and kayaking demonstration. We also visited a tiny wooden gift shop and I bought an intricate beaded necklace that a lady had made. There was also a church and an old and a new cemetery. Both are very picturesque and perhaps unlike cemeteries elsewhere. This is the Old Cemetery. The crosses don't actually have names on as the Inuits believe that when the body dies, the name and soul live on. The name is then given to a new-born in the village.

We took a boat back to the airport and saw some pretty big icebergs! It would have been utterly amazing to see a polar bear floating along on one, but alas, that wasn’t to be! Here’s an iceberg on land...

We visited Greenland at the very end of the ‘summer’, so these icebergs are rather small compared to what they must be like in the winter.

Here’s the stamp from my passport!

Hmm... where shall we go next week??

(Apologies for the different fonts, I can't seem to edit it!)

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