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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Butterflies and Enchanted Gardens

It's been a funny old month weather-wise. Paddling pool, BBQ and picinic at the beginning of October and a beautiful warm sunny day yesterday. We decided to make the most of the good weather and half-term and went to Butterfly World near St. Alban's.

I went once before when I was little, but didn't remember much of it. It's an ideal place for a day out. There's enough to see, but not so much that you're rushing to get round everything. Little W loved the playground and craft activities. And I loved the gardens. Just thought I'd show you some pics I took of my favourite one - the Enchanted Garden. Each section was made to look like a room in a house which had merged with the garden...

The other interesting garden was this one, which is a back view, but it had lots of giant garden bits and pieces. I love anything with an other world feel (hence my Folk of the Forest shop!).

And then we saw these stuck in the wall..!

Of course, the butterflies themselves are beautiful! They fly all around you and some are huge! I was able to get a few good photographs, which will be ideal for my new projects. I was hoping my shop relaunch would be the end of this month, but I might not make it... I keep changing my mind about the shop's tag line. I may go with something about mixed media, instead of just altered photography. Hmm, we'll see...

(Available to buy as always:) Just e-mail for details: victoria@carefordcreations.co.uk)


  1. Love the photos- always intersting to see how people are creative, had some fab scarecrows at a National Trust we visited last month, if I get time I should put the photos up.

    Good luck with your shop re-launch- didn't realise you were doing one!

    We are off to the NEC Craft show this weekend- stocking up and trying not to get carried away with new crafts you never get round to! Also preparing for CRAFTfest- thought I'd give it go!

  2. Ta. Yeah, things like that are always interesting. Would like to see the scarecrows!

    Well, I thought I should. I'm not really selling photos as prints anymore. Although, they're there is someone does want to buy them. I'm just not going to be actively promoting them. I wanted to do more unusual things with my photos and also incorporate other things. I realised that I need to use the term 'mixed media'. Hope to do a post shortly about it all...

    Ooh, have fun at NEC. Don't spend too much:) Good luck with CRAFTfest. I decided not to do this one in the end...


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