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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Handbound Books... and New Business Direction

I love, love, love books! I love really old books with their dusty covers and falling apart pages, threads hanging from the spines... And I love brand new books with their crisp clean pages and that lovely new book smell! I love reading books, I love writing in cute notebooks, I love listing in them, creating in them. And I love to make books too.

I've had a long think about the direction my creative business is going. I've never been able to stick to one thing as I have several crafty passions and can't just not make! The problem I have is that my shops have always seemed a bit of a mish-mash. I thought that it could be a good thing - a bit like a handmade department store, never knowing what you might find. However, I'm not sure this really works when selling online.

So, I think I've found how to combine all my crafty things while keeping a cohesive look to my shops. I'm going to concentrate on handbound books. The books I made before were either just tied with ribbon (polymer clay books) or used Japanese stab-stitch. I've decided to have a go with Coptic stitching. Each book will have a polymer clay button and most will have an altered photograph or an original illustration.

I've mentioned altered photographs as that's how I'm going to be selling my images from now on. After some research (and a few years trying!), I've realised that standard photographs generally don't sell that well. People are looking for something different and unique. I've been learning lots of techniques on altering images and that's how I'm going to be selling them from now on - on books, as greeting cards and ACEOs.

Phew - sorry for the long rambling, but I think I needed to get it all down on 'paper' to make things clear in my head!

So - pics are my first Coptic-stitched listing on Folksy, planning for the next few books and some of my altered images I'm working on.

Anyone else out there love books?? I'm sure there are a few of you... Or is your business heading in a new direction?


  1. Hi Vic!

    I LOVE BOOKS!! Reading books but I am a sucker for note books! The flowery one in your pic is lovely. I've never tried binding my own book, wouldn't have a clue how to.

    Sounds like you've really figured out where you want your business to go and that's great. As you probably know, I've also taken a new direction recently, to concentrate more on my art, and I'm loving it!

    Zoe x

  2. Hey Zoe,

    Thanks:) Bookbinding is actually quite easy! It all looks very complicated at first but once you get going it's not too difficult.

    It's exciting when the business takes a new direction. I love your art! I think I'm going to be trying out lots of new mixed media and altered art techniques. Good luck with your venture.



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