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Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Workspace!

Seeing as the Folksy folk are asking to see people's workspaces, I thought I would post mine here. I would dearly love a whole room just for me and my crafty bits, but I'll have to make do with a corner of the living room:

Here you can see on the top shelf paints, paintbrushes, Fimo, polymer clay tools, cutters etc., paper trimmer, lightbox, cutting mat, sketchpads, tissues and a baby monitor! Second shelf has a spotty bag full of bits like charms, keyrings, an awl, cutters, a rug hook, jewellery tools, organza bags... another box with jewellery findings and threads, my old Kodak Duaflex camera, pasta machine, Fimo canes, pencils and a mini tripod. Oh and my son's sponsored fill-a-pot pot for Nursery! On the desk are a load of folders, books, my children's illustration course, my latest bookbinding project and there's a computer under there somewhere.

Underneath is more Fimo, fabric, raffia, ribbon, threads, camera stuff and a bin! On the wall you can a French memo board I made which has a few ACEOs including one made by Wellydog as part of a swap we did. There's altered images of some of my flower photos as well. You can also see a few other bits from Folksy sellers like Hidden Eloise and Asking for Trouble. My art portfolio and work board are in this pic too. I use one side for polymer clay and the other for painting!

And a little bit of the conservatory:

These canvas boxes have loads of different papers and board for my books. And another of my memo boards too. This one's for my son's room.

Actually, I also have an upstairs cupboard full of stock, craft fair display bits and other odds and ends I don't use very often. And then there's the shoe cupboard in the hallway that has all my envelopes and bubble wrap, erm, which is also on top of the fridge... I seem to have taken over the house!

So... that's my space. I always thought I was a tidy, organised person. While I do love labelling and organising, I can't seem to keep it tidy!

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