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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Craft Space Link Party - please join in!

Welcome to my first link party! I know there's lots of you out there who love to share your craft spaces, so please add your link below. Link parties are a great way to get more followers and to find likeminded bloggers for you to follow yourself.

I'm planning to host regular link parties. Some of the topics I'm thinking of are:
  • craft tutorials
  • recipes
  • kids' recipes
  • kids' craft ideas
  • local free/cheap days out
  • favourite recipe books
  • best ever holiday
  • camping recipes
You get the idea! I did post a little while ago about my craft space, but I've expanded somewhat since then. Now I'm concentrating more on my illustrations, this is where I work (not been painting today as you can see - it's not usually this... well, empty!):

I'm very lucky to have the conservatory. It's nice and bright which is perfect for painting. Well, it's often bright, not so much with the weather we've been having lately! This is my view:

 And this is where I do all the PC stuff:

It's a little cramped. I like to call it organised chaos.

Polymer clay work I do sitting on the settee with a board on a little table. Basically, I kind of take over the whole downstairs of the house!

So, come on, please come and join in the party! I look forward to seeing all your spaces:)

(Edited to add some rules. Just getting the hang of this link party thing! )

  1. Please link to your specific post, not the whole blog
  2. Please link back to this blog, either in your linked post or another post
  3. Please try to visit and comment on others' links
  4. Have fun!
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  1. Great, I look forward to seeing everyone's spaces. My link is from a post of when my studio was finished about 18 months ago, it is a little less white, and a little more messy now! Michele x

    1. Thanks Michele! Yes, your studio is very tidy!! I love having a look at people's work spaces and their houses... everything really:) Vic x

  2. My image was taken last year & at the moment it`s even messier than the photo (I know I should tidy it but it involves pulling everything out!)

    Diane x

    1. Thanks for joining in Diane:) Ah... mess - mess is good! I always think it looks like I'm busy working and being creative! Vic x

  3. What a great idea. Unfortunately my thumbnail pic is one of my shop logo and not a pic from my blog but the blog post it links to is of my crafting space so I hope that's okay.


  4. Hi Kat, that's fine! Thanks for joining in:) I'll be off to have a look in a bit. Vic x

  5. What a lovely idea, mine looks positively tidy in the pic, but the reality is right now I've lost the table under the clutter. Thanks for inviting me to join in

    Teresa x

  6. Thanks for joining in Teresa! Ha, I know exactly what you mean! I haven't seen my desk for months!

  7. I would love to have you link up with us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!


    I hope to see you there!



    The Chicken Chick

  8. Thanks for the invite Kathy, have linked up and will post in a couple of days. Life is a little hectic right now:)


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