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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Insects up close!

One of the reasons I love macro photography is that you can see so much detail in things, often far more than with the naked eye, especially with living things like insects. Often a macro photograph is the only way I can really see all the little markings and characteristics of an insect.

Thought I'd share some close-ups of little creatures found in my house and garden...

And if you're not so keen on any of the above, here are some buds just for you:

As well as macro images, I now have a section on my redesigned website just for altered photography. Take a look here. I love altering images - the effects you can create on the PC are fascinating! Remember, all images are available to buy (£12.50 for an unmounted 10" x 8" or £8.50 for 7" x 5"). I ship all over the world:)

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