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Friday, June 8, 2012

A big hole and saving water

As some of you will know, Mr W is very much into household projects. If he's not setting up a camera or an alarm system, it'll be something for the garden.

Actually, the other week I went into the porch and this woman started shouting, "Intruder detected! Householder has been notified!" or something like that! I got the shock of my life. And she didn't stop either. It went on and on. A quick e-mail to Mr W and he said to press the button on my new keyring (that I hadn't even known I had). Eventually, the woman stopped shouting.

Anyway, back to the garden... With the current hosepipe ban and having a lot of plants to water, Mr W decided to invest in a huge container to save the rain water, so we could still use the hose. He's been digging the hole for a few weeks. Not continuously of course, just when he gets a spare couple of hours.

You can't really tell how deep the hole is, but it's nearly 6 foot.

And here's the container in place. We had oh so much fun putting this in and pulling it out again when it got wedged halfway and more dirt had to be dug out.

Anyway, it's filling up nicely with all the rain we're having again. We just need to concrete over the top to extend the step from the side alleyway and fit in some sort of pump.

I have to say, although I sometimes raise my eyes at Mr W's little projects, they always do have a use! I like this one simply as we're saving so much water and that can only be a good thing.

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