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Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids' Craft Organisation

So... I haven't blogged about my organisation in a while. I thought I'd show you how I keep my kids' craft area organised.

They've had this wooden table for ages. I covered it in sticky backed plastic so it's really easy to wipe clean. I love looking at all the paint stains and bits of Playdoh stuck on it though! Makes me smile to think of the mess they've got in.

Above the table you can see some boxes on the windowsill. The clear plastic one on the far left has colouring books and an old Argos catalogue for them to cut up, plus stencils, stamps and other bits and pieces. Next to that is this red box:

In here, there are various pots and containers. There's a tin of chunky crayons, a box of smaller crayons, a pen pot that Little W made, with felt tips, an old beaker with pencils and a box with smaller pens and pencils. Oh and an old Playdoh pot with rubbers, sharpeners, scissors. There should be a ruler and glue stick in there somewhere too.

The next box is a Weetabix box (I should really cover them and make them pretty!) cut to make a holder for letter and number work. There's lots of wipe-clean books where they can trace over the words (pen also in the box), some worksheets and other work books. Then the last box (Shredded Wheat I think!) has plain, scrap paper, scrapbooks and Toddler W's colouring books, so she can reach them easily.

To the left of the table is their painting easel. They've got tubs of chalk for the other side and all their painting stuff is in a big plastic box underneath.  There's yet another big plastic box under the table with all their Playdoh and plasticine as well. I love plastic boxes!

Generally, the area works well, as long as everything's put back in its place each day. The kids can sit down and help themselves to whatever they need.

How do you organise your kids' craft stuff? Have I missed anything??


  1. love how real this is, so tired of seeing designer, picture taken before kids stepped foot in the room type pictures. Love it!

  2. Ah, thanks Cyndi! My kids' craft area has expanded slightly since this post... I know what you mean about the photos. Surely they can't be real houses?!


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