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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interview with The Cheshire Cat

It     It's been a while since I did an interview, so I thought I'd interview my cousin about her shop, The Cheshire Cat. I still found out a few things I didn't know:)

1    1) OK, first things first, please tell me about yourself.
      My name is Sarah Smith, I live in Northampton but originally from Solihull. I work as an administrator and a Holistic therapist, specialising in aromatherapy, inbetween this I have developed my love of crafts into something I can share with others.

2    2)   What crafts do you sell?
I      I sell a variety of crafts focusing on jewellery, handpainted glass jars and hair accessories.

3    3)   Whereabouts do you sell and what would you say is your best venue?
      Folksy has been the best selling venue for me, that may be because I have spent more time on it and I only joined Etsy last year.
      4) Something all creative people like to know – where do you get your inspiration from?
      Some of my biggest inspirations come from literature. I love reading and there are some really inspirational quotes and stories that paint a wonderful image which I take a theme/idea and try to put into my crafts, it can be simple themes such as love or I like to take on the concept of the story and create themed items such as Alice in Wonderland or fantasy stories such as my Narnia and Lord of the Rings charm bracelets.

       I also love history, some of my items are inspired by vintage styles and I upcycle items,      whether it's original vintage beads or simply giving new life to glass jars by handpainting with nature designs.

       5) Do you have a dedicated workspace, or are you like me and squeezed into a corner of the living room?
      My 'craft space' is the living room. I decide what I'm making, get my equipment from the cupboard or wardrobe and then create. I don't like a lot of clutter, but when I craft I have all sorts going on so I store bits under the coffee table until I'm done, then pack away and get the next craft out!!
      6) What crafty thing would you like to try next?   
      I'm attempting some new crafts this year including trinket boxes:

I      I also want to create more vintage items, I often use vintage beads in my jewellery but I also hope to create some hand sewen items with vintage fabrics, as well as trying some felting.

       7) Any fab crafty websites or blogs you’d like to share?
I          I do like Kirstie's Homemade Home...
          You can follow my blog here and my Facebook page here.

     8) On to other non-crafty things... Where is your favourite place in the world and where would you love to visit?
There's a few places I'd love to go... Hawaii - it's not just the beautiful beaches, but I'd love to see where Lost was filmed.
Canada - opposite end, try a wintery themed holiday with a log cabin and log fire, also some of ancestors lived there for a while I could visit places they did too.
China - for the real cultural experience and the beautiful history

9) What’s your favourite season and why?
Spring, moving into summer, hopefully the weather is warm enough for us to get outside and see nature coming to life.

10) Is there anything that you’re secretly expert at?
I have a passion for history, in particular family history...although I have hit a few brick walls, I had two articles printed in magazines last year about my family, even if no one offered any answers I was published and won a year's subscription to records!!

11) What do you love? What do you hate?
I currently love Downton Abbey!
I hate spiders.

12) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or your craft?
Feel free to get in touch with me about my crafts (custom orders avaliable) or anything else. I'm happy to chat - or even give advice on researching family history!

I look forward to meeting new people. Come and follow me on Twitter.


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  2. Hi Vic :)
    Great interview, and I love the heart pendant!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Hope you're enjoying your new course x

  3. Thanks Zoe! Yep, loving the course. Hope it leads to something as well... x


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