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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Handmade Scotland Challenge on Folksy

There's been a challenge on Folksy this month. In celebration of Burns' Night (yesterday!), the theme was Scotland.

It's been so interesting to see all the different ideas people have come up with. I can honestly say I love everything!

I'm not able to showcase all the items here, so I got Little W to help me choose. I asked him to pick a page number, which related to the pages in the challenge's thread in the forum, then once on the page I pressed the up and down buttons and Little W shouted "stop!" Whichever item was then in view was chosen! Now, how scientific is that?! Little W did say it was fun too, so that's good.

I chose to make an ACEO with a photo of a Scottish beach. This is in keeping with one of my new ranges of polymer clay items (tutorial coming shortly):

Scotty the Van of Love pin cushion from Maisy Lee Designs:

Royal Stewart Tartan Elizabeth handbag from Handmade by Edwina:

Highland cow needle book from NOfkants Curios:

Tweed-style handbag from Handbags by Helen:

You can see all the entries here, on my Pinterest board. Please let me know if I've missed any!

I'm hoping to have a go at February's challenge, but we'll see how time goes...


  1. Well, there is something to actually miss Folksy for, looks fun. Love your ACEO, look forward to your tutorial, never quite got to grips with clay.

  2. Ha ha! It was fun... Hope to be posting the tutorial very soon. Thanks for the comment:)

  3. Little W said STOP! just in the perfect place :)
    Just on my Van lol.

    Donna x (Maisy Lee designs)

  4. Oh that's good! He thought it was great fun:) Thanks for commenting! Vic x

  5. Aw, thanks for showing my bag (thanks little W).

  6. Vic thanks for showing my bag on your blog today (it's doing the rounds today - it's also on Uniquely Yours aswell!)I'm glad Little W stopped for it! Lovely blog - thanks!

  7. Thank you for including my little resting highland cow on your blog today, he's very much enjoyed his outing. I have decided not to sell him, he's far to at home amongst my jumble and keeping my pins in order.

    Loved joining in with the challenge, and am looking forward to next months too.

    Natalie x

  8. Edwina - no problem:) Yes, I'm on Linda's too. She's so good at including so many people. I've lost count of the number of times I've been on her blog!

    Natalie - I don't blame you for not selling him. He's so cute! Actually, I'll change the link to your shop when I'm back on the PC.


  9. Love your post...very darling blog.


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