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Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmassy Weekend

Well, I've had a lovely festive weekend. Started on Friday with the snow I guess. We had loads here in Hertfordshire. I attempted to build a snowman with my son, but it kind of ended up like a pyramid and I just couldn't get the head right at all! Mr W came home from work and wasn't impressed. However, he realised yesterday when he had a go at building one that the snow was 'the wrong sort' and his was also pyramid-like. Ha! Here's Little W in the garden...

Saturday we went to a friend's wedding. The church looked lovely in the snow, although I did feel for the bridesmaids in their dresses. I turned up in my wellies and had a quiet chuckle at women in stilettoes! I did change into more suitable wedding footwear once in church though.

Yesterday we went to see Father Christmas. We'd been practising what Little W was going to say to him and of course, when the time came, not a word came out! He's usually such a chatterbox. He was probably overwhelmed; his face when he walked in the grotto and saw the Big Man himself was delightful! Then afterwards we went to the toddlergroup carol service. Hardly anyone turned up which was a shame. Things didn't look good during 'Little Donkey' when Little W started shouting "Donkey, no!". So Mr W and Little W went to another room and I was left by myself. Still enjoyed it though. Nothing like singing carols when there's snow outside!

As for crafty stuff, I'm really excited about some new projects I'm working on. I've got some photo gift ideas I'm planning and one in particular I can't wait to get made. It combines 3 things I've loved for a long time and is also more 'handmade' than just photos. I've nearly finished researching suppliers and hope to make a start early in the New Year.

Anyway, for now,

Merry Christmas!

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