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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talk about baby brain!

OK, my first post and it may as well be about blogging. I've been thinking about blogging for a couple of years, but have only definitely decided to give it a go in the last week or so, or so I thought. I just went to create an account and it turns out I'd already attempted to blog over a year ago! I had completely forgotten about it! Looking at the title of the (empty) post, it would appear to be about having a baby in the 21st Century, but other than that, who knows what I was going to blog about?

Anyway, let's start again. I guess I'll blog about my creative thoughts and processes, things I like, people who inspire me. I'm sure the mundane goings-on in my everyday life will sneak in too. Isn't it fascinating how we're so interested in all these little things nowadays? Erm, I hope that's not just me..! I also probably won't be able to help giving my views on issues of the day or week. So, that's what to expect from me.

Look forward to sharing with you,

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