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Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Play Time!

Yesterday I had lots of fun with Fimo! It's been months since I've managed to do anything with it and I realised how much I'd missed playing with the stuff! Look at all these lovely colours waiting to be mixed...

I've got so many ideas of things to make but just need the time to make them, especially as I've just booked a stall at Fun in the Park in Stanborough Lakes, with special guest Chico no less! It's on July 5th so I'd better get a move on.
Here are a few of my Fimo creations anyway...

I think I'm most pleased with the decorations I made for my son's Advent tree last year, but I won't post those in June. Thinking... no, I can't, honestly, it wouldn't be right.


  1. Lush creations, I love fimo! Enjoying your blog too. x

  2. Ah, thanks. I know, Fimo's great fun to play with!


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