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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Housey Stuff

Our washing machine broke down on Monday. It's so typical, beautiful weather all week, loads of washing to do, no work this week... and the machine finally packs up. It's been on its way out for ages, but I was hoping it would last a little longer. We were planning to buy a new front door for the porch, but instead we've had to buy a new washing machine, which in my opinion, isn't half as exciting as a front door!

Anyway, the porch is coming along nicely. Here's Mr W. digging the foundations:

Onto other housey bits... We're growing our own veg again this year. We've just spotted the first shoots of either carrots, lettuce or radish I think. I can never remember what we're growing. The tomatoes and strawberries are doing well too. Nothing beats home-grown veg!


  1. Yum home grown is always best I would love a patch but we are moved around with hubby's work so not just yet. Anyway hi from your newest follower pop over and view my blog when you get 5 mins. :o)

  2. Absolutely! Hope you get settled and have your own veggie patch. Have become a follower!

  3. I've got some strawberries coming. I'm hoping to get to them before the blackbirds too!

    Love the blog - looks great!

  4. Thanks Silver Moss! I love strawberries!


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