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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1st Trip in the Campervan!

OK, so in my mind, before we went away to Norfolk, I was thinking of a blog post detailing the lovely, relaxing time we had in our newly refurbished campervan with lots of accompanying photos of delicious campervan-cooked meals on our new posh camping plates, the kids running around outside in the sunshine and generally happy aren't we having lots of fun photos.

Mr W even forgot the VW badge!

Isn't the reality often quite different? I don't think I have ever been so cold in my entire life. Not even when we went to Greenland or a German Christmas market. Maybe they didn't seem as bad as I expected it to  be cold...

The photos had to be taken very quickly as I didn't want to remove my gloves, even in the van! Getting a shot of the van from the outside was also a challenge if I wanted to remain with my family, rather than being blown away over the cliff edge. Hmm, you get the idea!

It was challenging to say the least, but we learnt a lot about how to prepare for next time. Yep, there will be a next time, but I promised the little Ws that it will be a whole lot warmer...


  1. Having camped in Scotland for many a year - I feel your pain!!

    1. Ah, yes, have camped in a tent in Scotland! An experience to say the least!!


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