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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meander Book / Mini Journal

I just wanted to show you the first of my new range of journals. These are called meander books because they're made from a single sheet of paper and are folded in a meandering, maze-like way.

They're ideal for someone who likes the idea of journalling but can never quite find the time. There are just 16 small pages to fill, so you can use it for one particular occasion, just putting a small photo or note on each page. Also perfect for a gift - either filled or left empty for the recipient to complete.

Anyway, hope you like. Here are some pics (click for more):


I've also decided to change my shop name to Blossom and Snowflakes. I wasnt't going to, but I think it kind of fits with my new direction. I'm going to focus on handmade stationery.  A lot of what I did was stationery-based anyway, but I kept trying to focus on the photography and polymer clay. I've always had a love of notebooks, notepads, journals, stickers... so thought I'd focus on these things! I'll be using photos and polymer clay bits as well plus illustrations and pretty papers.

Hey, one day I'll stick to one idea:)

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