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Monday, September 27, 2010

My stuff's in a shop with walls and everything!

Yep, the day's here at last. The Gift Gallery York is opening today! From what I've seen and heard, Kate's done a fantastic job getting it all ready, as well as getting married!

Some of my photos and cards are for sale here, plus one notebook. Yes, just the one. I simply had no time to make any more.

Anyway, it's really exciting to have my things for sale in a real, proper shop. There are loads of other Folksy sellers stocking their fantastic items as well. It'll be the perfect place to buy a quality, unique gift from talented folk in the UK and Ireland.

You can join the shop's Facebook page and see a pic too. And if you're in York, why not pop in to have a look around? 19 Shambles, YO1 7LZ.

And other promotion news... I just joined Crafters R Us which is a growing online directory of crafters. Take a look!


  1. Can't wait to hear how it goes - I've got some bits in there too...

  2. How exciting - hope it all goes well. Elaine

  3. Ohhhh how exciting. . .
    One day i'll be able to say the same thing.


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