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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First new glass painted photo set in a while...

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working on some new glass painted photos. I really need a name to describe this technique, as it sounds a little odd - glass painted photos! But that's what they are, after all.

Anyway, my second new set after 3 Funky Flowers, is Naughty But Nice. This is a set of four delicious-looking (I hope) images:

A chocolate cupcake covered with sticky strawberry icing and a cherry on top:

Awhite-coated doughnut sprinkled with hundreds and thousands:

A wibbly wobbly orange jelly:

A triple-scoop ice-cream cone with strawberry, vanilla and coffee ice-creams plus flake:

Now the set's for sale on Folksy, I'm getting to work on my wild animal set. I'm hoping people will buy them for their kids' bedrooms or nursery.

Other crafty stuff... I sold one of my polymer clay bookmarks the other day through Facebook. Facebook seems to be working well for the promotion at the moment. I've also signed up to Twitter, but haven't got the hang of it yet. Will I ever??

It's nearly my birthday and I've ordered a few lovely items from Folksy which I can't wait to open! They're actually from my husband, but you know how it is, it's often easier to buy your own gifts! I'll make sure I blog about them next week. I'll also be able to make a start on those bag charms as I'm waiting for a letter stamp set which my mum and dad have bought me!

Completely off-topic... just looking out of the window at my washing blowing gently in the breeze and thinking how wonderful it is to be able to get 3 or 4 loads done in a day at the moment!


  1. You are a busy lady.
    I love your frog,I used to paint on glass a while back.
    I must try getting a facebook acct.is it easy?
    I am following you now
    Jeanie x

  2. Thanks Jeanie! Yeah, Facebook is pretty easy and easy to get quite a few fans/likers if you already have a personal account. Give it a go! x

  3. Love the food drawings - so colourful


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