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Friday, January 29, 2010

To Do Lists

I love making to do lists and I love notebooks, so I thought I'd write my latest list in one of my newest notebooks. I made these recently, which feature three of my lakes photos:

I was really pleased they sold quite quickly. I've made myself a set and thought I'd use this one for my things to do. This book has a photo of Lake Patricia in Canada, one of my favourite places.

And here's my little list...

On the first page are things to list on Folksy and on my website, then the other pages are for all sorts of things from marketing, blog posts, admin stuff and then general life things.

Now I've just got to find time to do everything! I do find that I'm one who thinks about doing things and writes it all down, but has trouble getting round to doing anything. Which is silly really as it's very satisfying to cross something off your to do list!

My children's notebooks are one thing I want to get made. Here's the materials:

I really should go and put it all together now...

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