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Monday, January 18, 2010


OK, not necessarily the most interesting of posts, but I need your help! Mr W and I both have a lot of socks. Here are some of them...

Generally, we're pretty boring when it comes to sock colour and we just wear black with the odd grey thrown in, although I now have some patterned ones. However, with Mr W's, we just can't seem to find matching pairs once they've been washed. You'd think all black socks would match with other black socks, but no, they don't.
If anyone has a solution, please share it! All I can think of is to buy Mr W patterned socks too.


  1. Your post made me laugh! Me and hubby have always had black socks and I swear after the first wash the black dye changes for each sock so I can never match them up. After X (quite a few Xs) number of years I finally given up and bought different coloured socks for us both - hopefully the problem is now solved for good! Elaine, Ellie's Treasures

  2. Mine wears nothing but black socks too. Now when he takes them off I make him shove one sock down inside t'other. They both end up clean and usually there's only the one sneaky little bugger that manages to sneak away for its partner:)

    Plus if he doesn't bother his bum doing that, then its his fault if the pair he lifts out of the drawer don't actually match each other!

  3. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'm going to try getting him to put one inside the other before washing and failing that, then it'll be patterned or coloured for both of us!

  4. Oh the dreaded sock mix up... i too have fallen victim of thinking that if i buy all black socks for everyone then surely they will all match up?!? but they NEVER do!
    I like the idea of pairing them up though...

  5. No, it doesn't work does it MM?! Black just isn't black... x


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