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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage photos on the way!

After losing out 3 times on ebay auctions, I was delighted when I finally won a 'new' vintage camera the other day. It's a Kodak Duaflex from around 1950. Here it is...

I'm going to try a technique called 'Through the Viewfinder'. It's where you take a photograph through the lens of an old camera to produce images that have a vintage look. I love this effect and can't wait to try it out! I need to make a cardboard tube first, to block out the light. It all sounds simple enough, but we'll see...


  1. Ooooh how exciting! Yes I did this, got a beautiful bargain off ebay and made a card contraption. Works really well, love it love it! Good luck.x Ps. There's a template for a contraption on the flickr TtV group if you've not already got one..

  2. Thanks Helen! Yeah, I've been looking on Flickr. I'm hoping to get on with it this week now I'm back from a short holiday.


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