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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Skinny Jeans and Trainers (and New Art)

Time for one of my random thoughts posts!

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans a few months ago. Well, actually, Mr W. bought them. I sent him to the shops while I was tutoring, asking for some new jeans (I've really not been bothered about fashion since having kids!) and he came back with skinny jeans. To my surprise and delight I guess, they fitted!

Anyway, I put them on one morning when it was a bit dull and drizzly and was about to leave the house, putting on my trainers. I looked down and realised that skinny jeans and trainers do not go! It suddenly occurred to me why I've been seeing women wearing sandals in non-sandal weather! It's either sandals or boots I've discovered.

Apart from this earth-shattering discovery, I've found a new outlet for my photography. I have images for sale on Fine Art America. You can buy in a variety of formats (like RedBubble). This image called 'Light of the Desert' has just had some votes in one of the contests:

I'm currently working on some other artwork to sell alongside the photography. I'm trying to combine the photography, children's illustration and other arty things I'm doing with all the different inks I bought a while ago. I love abstract and fantasy art and that's what I'm working on right now. I've been experimenting with different textures, backgrounds and materials, so hope to have some new artwork for sale soon!

If you missed my personalised colouring books by the way, they're here over at Folksy. Make wonderful Christmas presents!
Hope to show you some new work soon:)


  1. Glad you love your skinny jeans - I always wear ballet pumps or boots with mine.

    1. Ooh, another option! I'd forgotten about ballet pumps! Glad you commented. I have been trying to read through my blogs as I've not been around much. Shall pop over and visit you now:)

  2. I've recently purchased skinny jeans too, I really didn't think I'd get away with them but I love them now! I'm looking forward to wearing them loads with boots in the winter!

    1. It's a good feeling when you discover you can get into them isn't it?! They do look good with boots:)


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