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Monday, August 20, 2012

1000 Homes of Happiness Project

A little while ago I stumbled across a blog called 1000 Homes of Happiness. It's an idea thought up by a lady called Kellie in Australia. She and her children are making 1000 little origami homes, each with a special word written on.

Each home is then released somewhere in the world for a lucky someone to find.

I love projects like this, so knew I had to ask Kellie for a home to release. I chose the word 'Aspiration' and had the perfect idea of the place to release it...

Here's the cute little house:

 I had to photograph it in the car due to the extremely high winds!

And I decided to release it here:

We have just got back from a camping trip to Cornwall and I thought Land's End would be a great place to release the house. It was left on this rock in the End to End exhibition. You can see the other rock for John O'Groats here:

I couldn't get a close-up of the house on the actual rock as I didn't want anyone to see me put it there and had to hurry!

Outside of the building:

This is the famous signpost:

And this is another view:

So why 'aspiration' and why Land's End? Well, aspiration is something that is important to my family and I. I believe dreams are vital to happiness and that everyone should aspire to be someone or do something with their lives. I don't mean huge things, or lifesaving things or becoming famous. Just things that make you happy or something to improve others' lives in some small way. It's just important to have that goal or ambition.

When I travel I always feel inspired. It's on my travels that I've always come up with my next life plan or idea. I decided to become a teacher in Sri Lanka and again in Iceland! I've thought up many ideas in many different places! Amazing scenery always inspires me. There's something about the beginning/end of the country that is pretty special. Looking out over windy headlands to the ocean can't fail to guide you towards your aspirations...

Let me know if you find the little house, won't you?!


  1. A lovely spot for happy home 'Aspiration' Victoria! Wowee, amazing to see our origami house all the way over there on your side of the world.

    Thank you so much for joining in and sharing the happiness xoxox


    1. It's been fun Kellie! I love your part of the world too:)

  2. Aspiration is a great word. My Dad was a young single man when he aspired to go to Land's End..he made it too..cycling with a friend through Britain from one end to the other. He met my Mum in Scotland on a potato farm, she was an Aussie..then they married and settled back in New Zealand. Aspirations can have all kinds of unforeseen results!

  3. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing that:) Yep, your last sentence is very true and that's what makes it exciting!

  4. Hi there! I too requested a home from Kellie which arrived today. Having read your post, its going to be a hard act to follow. Hmmm I'm going to have to think of a very special place to release it now!
    I'm happy to know that your visit to Sri Lanka led you to your decision to become a teacher, I am from Sri Lanka. I enjoyed your post, thank you!

    1. Hello! Thank you:) Sri Lanka is a beautiful place with such friendly people. I'm sure you'll find a perfect place to release your home. Look forward to reading about it!


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