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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Nuremberg Christmas Market

Not a particularly unusual place, but as it's Christmas, I just had to include a Christmas market! Mr W and I visited Nuremberg's Christmas market back in 1999, a year when we had 3 holidays abroad and 1 in this country! I doubt that will ever happen again now the little ones are here. Not that I would change that for anything of course:)

Nuremberg is perhaps Germany's most famous Christmas Market and it's easy to see why. It's very traditional and rather picturesque. You won't find any tacky decorations here. Instead, there are beautiful wooden items, both decorations and toys. Amongst all these, there are plenty of stalls selling delicious food like gingerbread men, sweets and mulled wine. I don't really like mulled wine, but you get to keep the lovely little mugs they serve it in, so it's worth buying for that! We also had huge hot dogs. And I mean, huge!

There's also a Children's Market, next to the main market, with carousels, wooden toys, a steam train and other stalls where you can have a go at dipping candles, which we did, as well as other crafts. Plus, lots more yummy food and drink.

We were lucky that is snowed while we were there, as it really does add to the festive atmosphere. Although, my mum and dad have just got back from a long weekend, and they only had sleety showers.

Talking of snow, we had loads here on Friday. It felt very right for Little W's last day at nursery. I was very excited as we were off to see Father Christmas (complete with real reindeer!), so I thought it would be perfect. Alas, when we arrived back in Enfield where the man himself was, there was not a spot of snow to be seen! Oh well. We had quite a bit more on Sunday, although it didn't settle this time. Hopefully we'll see more snow at some point over Christmas.

Anyway, back to Nuremberg - I'd highly recommend visiting next year if you can. Although we have Christmas markets here, they're not quite the same as the German ones.

I'm going to wish you all a very Merry Christmas now and a prosperous New Year. See you in 2012.


  1. I would love to go to Nuremberg, we went to Prague in December a few years back and it was just wonderful.

  2. You should definitely go when you can. There's something about certain European countries and Christmas isn't there? x P.S. Thomas was delighted with Aaron's card!


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