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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Folksy ATC Swap

Dottery Pottery over at fabulous handmade site Folksy, organised an ATC swap recently. ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. These are the same as ACEOs but you swap rather than sell them.

My swap partner was Janice from Wellydog Gallery, which I was delighted about. Her paintings are just beautiful. Here's the ATC Janice painted for me:

This is exactly the sort of scene I would choose if someone asked me what I would like them to paint. There's something about trees and water that I just love. In fact, many of my photos are of trees and water! This is a gorgeous miniature work of art. I particularly love the sand; I'm not sure why exactly!

ATCs and ACEOs can me made in any medium and I've made a few ACEOs now in polymer clay, as was this ATC too.

Apart from knowing what to make it out of, I really wasn't sure what to do at first, but I had a read of Janice's blog and discovered that she mentioned two things I could work on - Eau de Nile - a lovely green/turquoise colour and Art Deco. So I started making an abstract Art Deco design using the green/turquoise as a background.

However, when it was nearly finished, I turned it upside-down and thought it looked quite like an ice-cream... and it turns out this is something Janice enjoys making! So, there we have it - an 'Eau de Nile Art Deco Ice-Cream' ATC!

I'm not sure if there's going to be a gallery of all the swaps. If there is, I'll come back and post the link.

Fun swap, thanks Janice and thanks Dottery Pottery for organising it.

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