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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Heart Swap

I recently took part in another Folksy swap, organised by Lisa of NoodleBubble. This time we were swapping hearts! I made this for Jacky of Jacksknits:
It's made from Fimo - pink underneath with slices of a white and translucent cane on top. And received this from Amy Macpherson of Macpherson's Miscellany:

How lucky to receive three gorgeous items - a brooch, a card and a bracelet! Thanks Amy! And thanks Lisa for organising another great swap.


  1. They are fab. I am awful and mine is going to be late. . .
    It has been a bit mad with several trips to Dr's among other things recently. Small people. lol

  2. Thanks! Life can be busy sometimes... Hope all's well. Have a good Valentine's Day!

  3. they're lovely - that fimo heart is fab. Must be patient and try fimo out properly one day.

  4. Thanks Becky! Yeah, Fimo's great fun - so much you can do with it. If you can find time that is...:)

  5. I did indeed! Thanks for organising it, must take up a lot of time... x


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