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Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Coasters - Perfect Christmas Present!

I'm really pleased with these 3 sets of coasters I've made. Well, I say 'made', but I guess I just put my photos in them! Hence the reason I won't be listing them on Folksy, but if you would like to buy a set, then I'll be putting them on my website. Just give me a couple of hours!
Here's the first set. These would make perfect additions to your Christmas table. They were designed using my glass painting and photographing technique:

Then there's this flower set, which would make a lovely gift for your mum or nan:

And lastly, a collection of my children's prints. I call them children's prints, but to be honest, I think many adults would love them too!

I've also finally managed to make and send two decorations in the Folksy Decoration Swap. I'll blog about them once the recipients have received them.

Other than that, am pleased the gift fair's out of the way so I can start on a big tidy up!

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